Our Story

Taskbench is an enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for organisations to improve their strategy execution, collaboration, operational efficiency, and be able to control and monitor business risks.

Taskbench was born when we identified a blind spot in easy project management at the enterprise scale. We wanted returns produced from day one without sacrificing the necessary level of accountability and transparency to keep a business running efficiently. It was also vital that tasks remain traceable and employee performance was documented to ensure that you had all the oversight needed to make important decisions every step of the way.

Registered entities in Canada, India, US, UK, Botswana registered
Development centre is based in Chennai, India development
Partner network in India, UAE, Sri Lanka and South Africa world
MVP released First Qtr 2019 mvp

After years of experience in implementing projects, our founders set out to design a task management platform with a short learning curve and a simple-to-use interface. Our founders have experience in Roads management, Building and Facilities management, News management, Licensing, Portals, Insurance and ERP. Their aim was to help structure unstructured work and facilitate smooth communication between multiple parties. We believe that we have succeeded in making other messy communication methods obsolete and moving toward an all-encompassing platform for complete organization and control.

Our Core Team


Kathiresan Subburaj



Richard Malikongwa

Director – Strategy & Partnerships